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Aile Dostu - Friend Of The Family - 1995 Erotik

* Director: Edward Holzman
* AMG Rating: star
* Genre: Adult
* Movie Type: Softcore Sex Film
* Themes: Crumbling Marriages
* Main Cast: Shauna O'Brien, Griffin Drew, C.T. Miller, Lisa Boyle
* Release Year: 1995
* Country: US
* Run Time: 103 minutes
* MPAA Rating: R


* Shauna O'Brien - Elke
* Griffin Drew - Linda
* C.T. Miller
* Lisa Boyle - Montana


In this provocative erotic drama, Linda (Griffin Drew) and Jeff (C.T. Miller) are a couple who are trying to work out a rough patch in their marriage. They aren't communicating well, Jeff is working too much, and Linda is worried that he's having an affair. Linda and Jeff are both having trouble communicating with Montana (Lisa Boyle) and Josh (Will Potter), Jeff's two college-age children from his first marriage. Into this dysfunctional family comes Elke (Shauna O'Brien), the younger sister of one of Linda's old friends. The free-spirited and sexually uninhibited Elke begins emotionally and romantically interacting with most of the members of the family, with a new openness and communication between them as the unexpected result. Friend of the Family was also released under the titles Elke's Erotic Nights and in Europe, simply Elke. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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